Lost Soles I am sorry we have been away for awhile.  The past year has been a crazy one for yours truly.  Took me back into the world of college basketball and coaching (which once again required a complete remodel of my closet and gear).  Went from straight Nike to Under Armour to Adidas and guess what I am back at Under Armour.  Still in pursuit of all of our dreams to get into that sought after role or designing, developing or manager a footwear line in a major footwear company.

Anyway with my new position comes some downtime that coaching doesn't allow.  I decided as I am watching the Pacers and Heat duke it out in game one I would go ahead and get out thoughts. (I thought George Hill was rocking some Big Bang Lebron 9s but turns out they are his Peak PEs).

My inspiration for getting my blog back online is the fact that after some years I finally got back in touch with my homeboy over at LickMySolez.  I'm proud of him doing his thing with his blog and his film work.  Y'all keep an eye out he's going to do big things.  We go way back man and started to reminisce about how we're old sneakerheads even though we are barely pushing 30.  It's funny cause we have talked about how much the game has changed since we were in high school in the early 2000s.

But as all of our south Florida residents know that dunk exchange Miami was this passed weekend at club Mekka.  LickMySolez did a nice synopsis of the event complete with tips on how you should approach one if you have never been. They capped it off with a nice video recap of the event.  

That being said as big as a head as I am though very toned down these days (I was one of those 200+ pairs cats that didn't just have main stream releases.  I had some stuff that people were like wtf until I rocked em with a fit and people had a different mindset after.  I'm an old school head like i mentioned before.  I go after what expresses who I am, what has a story or a connection to my life and time on this planet). Anyway I have to stay on track and not go off on tangents. I have never been to a dunk exchange sad to say. I have always wanted to but always had something going on.  I may pull a walk through at Dunk Exchange DC when it comes back around.  

My thoughts on what I have heard about the last few in Miami is mainly their are held in small venues.  But from pictures and videos that I have seen of recent ones as well I feel that the event has lost its aura so to speak with the younger generation of heads coming in and the sneaker conglomerates taking notice of the reselling culture and taking measures to put a stop on that.  That being said there was no variety and no real exclusives that I saw in the videos and pictures.  What I mean by that is old heat, stuff that dates out more than the last two years.  Outside of a quick glance at some Carmines, Columbia XIs, Nubuck and Carolina 14s and some HOA Amax 95 Neons.  I will give that there was pair of Grant Hill Fila's and one dude had a stash of Asics Gel Lyte 3s.  I can sum up what 90% of the stuff in there was general release Jordans, Lebrons, KDs, Foams and Kobes from the past year or two.  What happened to the dunks, the air maxes, Air Forces, SBs, international only releases, limited editions, Converse, Adidas, trainers, etc. I could go on for days.  I mean honestly none of the stuff at Dunk Exchange I saw is hard to get, you can cop them today for retail or less off some wannabe re-seller hypebeast that can't afford to sit on the kicks for a year or two before selling.  It takes away from the event in my opinion. You know, where are those kicks that were only released in one place and in limited pairs that you flew out cross country then camped out to get? Like Sole Collector AM95s or the HOH Miami release of Lebrons South Beach/Pre Heat 8's (I was there for that, to get the kicks for my homeboy, for my fam that was basics getting ready to go serve his country.  If you were there you know about the dudes from places as far as Houston that showed up a week before and camped out.  That Lebron wouldn't let them sell us the shoes until he handed out the first pair and that the release time was pushed back from 8:30am to aboout 6pm.  He kept dragging it out so long that Footlocker bought everyone in line lunch.  And that the highlight of the day was Jason Petrie rocking some reverse South Beach colorway of the Lebron 7 lows.  They were tough but he acted like he didn't want to talk to anyone that was in line trying to show him love for his work on the Lebron line and wanted to ask him about them.  He could have gotten a cool couple grand off someone in line for them, easy.  This was the only time I had ever waited in line. I just had the luck of working at Footlocker through high school and college so waiting in line or camping out wasn't necessary. At this point I didn't have that luxury but hey there are kicks that people will recognize the effort you took to get them. 

It took me about 7 years to finally find a deadstock pair of Nike Air NDestrukts and man I got them on steal for $150. Original box, laces, insoles, paper, fully inflated air bubbles. The search took time, days on days and hours on hours of searching Niketalk, Ebay and reaching out connections I made throughout the years.  Grail? Get outta here... that's what some will say but I challenge you to find something as rare as that in that condition.  Something that you wanted as a kid but your parents couldn't afford to get you.  Check you won't find a DS pair of those anywhere anymore.  I mean I can keep going about how I went out to Kicks Hawaii to cop the Aloha Dunks cause its a clean shoe with a great story behind the design. Why get em anywhere else? Half the story is getting out there to get them.

It has been good catching back up on this and I clearly had a lot to say but the game is over and the Pacers coughed that one up. I tell you what though they are not intimidated by the Heat and know they can handle Miami. It's going to be a good series.  I'm off to bed. Go  check out LickMySolez.com and check them out on instagram and twitter.  



This morning as I was searching through my twitter feed I stumbled upon arguably the best song that gives an insight into various aspects of a sneaker head and a culture. Funny thing is I didn't find it on any of the major blogs, I found it off of a basketball training video for IMpossible training. I liked the song and thought it set the video off (Check it out IMpossible Training - Jacob Tucker). I you tubed it and found the video and it made my day.  Its the ultimate sneaker head story and I am sure will show up in the blogs soon.  We all started somewhere and Macklemore tells his story about how started with his first pair and insights as he grew older that many of us sneaker heads feel in his song "Wings." 
It;s the best sneaker inspired video to date that I have seen cause it tells a story, a true story that most of us sneaker heads have experienced. I know I have in my 27 years can relate to my first pair and how hard it was to part from them.  Then mixing it up to Air Maxes, cleaning my shoes on Sunday with a toothbrush to keep em clean.  Copping a new pair that I loved but never unboxing them for the longest.  Then he touches on the industry and how we buy into the marketing buying and buying and then at the end of the video noting how the industry has come to where we are dropping money on ridiculous prices and at the end after he gets robbed for his kicks he drops the line that everyone that is not part of the sneaker culture says "just another pair of shoes."  From his viewpoint and th te video I'm taking that line as note to the violence and how the industry is changing from that focus on out love of the kicks and preserving and it being a status thing to now people getting robbed and killed because people know the prices they can sell them for.  Anyway its a dope video and hope you guys like and respect it as much as I did. Shoutout to Macklemore. I know this was a pretty crappy blog post but I felt I needed to get one out after seeing the video and I haven't had much time to stay on top this. The next one will be better. Stay tuned. 
For this first installment of the Lost Soles blog I wanted to touch on a subject that has been irking me for quite some time now. How the new generation of Sneaker Heads are killing the game by getting into it for a profit rather than for the love of it.  

Now I have been selling sneakers since I landed my first job at Footaction back in 2001 when I was in high school.  Those were the glory days for us cats that worked at shoe stores. We would always get the newest kicks and of course the fits (a little secret they drop the fits anywhere from a week before the release to a few months). These were the days before fakes starting becoming prevalent and releases became too frequent.  This is where us old school heads learned to maintain our kicks with the utmost care like they were our children.  You walk a certain way to avoid creasing, carried plastic bags in case it rained, and always had a sacrilegious cleaning of all your kicks with a toothbrush on Sundays.  Those were the days when we could wear our kicks for a calendar year and get offers for them while walking through the halls at school or through the mall. In the end we would make out with sometimes twice as much as what we paid for shoes even though they had some miles.  But back then it was all about our love of kicks. Sometimes we sold and other times we didn’t. If we did sell most times it was to save up to buy that next pair of kicks we had to have.  Ebay was just hitting the market as a new route for heads to get kicks that weren’t released near them and allowed sellers to get a little more money for their kicks.

Flash forward ten years to 2011 where the sneaker culture has blown up and become more mainstream mainly by way of the music industry.  There were always veterans pulling heat and heavily involved in the culture like Bun B, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Big Boi (though he has had some questionable sitings) and DJ Clark Kent. Now the era has not only brought fresh faces but sneaker focused rhymes and an arsenal of show stopping footwear. The “new kids on the footwear block” come from all over world repping their hometowns and their sneaker culture.  J.Cole, Whiz Khaliffa, Drake and Wale lead this new age rocking heat at shows, on the red carpet, and in their videos.  These celebrities along with various athletes that have continuously made statements with their footwear have made sneakers appropriate for almost any occasion.  And much to the delight of Sneaker Heads worldwide, the sneaker manufacturers are taking notice and dropping some of the most innovative kicks and colorways we have been dieing to see. Some general release and some so limited you would consider selling your first born for, but nonetheless guaranteed to keep you up past midnight at least 2 Saturdays a month anxiously waiting for them to pop up on the website.  A very different approach from the days of camping out for days in  rain, snow, or shine to walk away victorious with your prize held high.  Camping out still happens but as not as much as before and a main reason is security and people's safety.

And this is where I get into the story behind this entry.  This day and age the sneaker game is trending from something that was shared by a unique family of people everywhere that has this mysterious love for sneakers that others didn’t and still don’t understand to one of exploitation.  By exploitation I mean there is a whole new group of fake "Sneaker Heads" infiltrating the culture not because that share that love but that they have realized the profit potential of it all.  It's a touchy subject that has often come up in conversation with my boys where you can't blame them from one side of it and you hate them for it on the other side.

Looking at it simply it would seem as if it is no big deal, just smart business men exploiting the compulsive buying habits of Sneaker Heads.  But the backlash of this is much bigger and more serious than that.  To be honest sneakers can be the best investment you make.  Think about it, you can turn a bigger profit flipping a pair of shoes the same day than the interest you will accumulate with your money in a bank.  Sad part is that same day purchase and flip makes no money.  Sit on your kicks for 6 months and you can turn over more than a 2-300% profit. Crazy right? But true let's use the example of the Nike Lebron 8 "Pre-Heat/Southbeach" editions. I was at the first release at the House of Hoops Miami to cop them for my boy in D.C.. $160+tax and you could flip them for $350-400 that same week.  6 months later they were selling from $700 to over $1,000.  I'd call that one hell of an investment cause you won't get that in a few years out of your bank.  People have realized this and that is what is making limited releases more dangerous than an accomplishment when you get a pair.  There were people camped out for days for those Lebrons and luckily there were no incidents that time.  But that is just one case where everything was went to par.  But the realization is that as everything us sneakerheads have ever wanted comes back out and gets retro'd the sneaker culture is turning into a pressure cooker that is ready to explode. Stayed tuned for our next blog as we take a look into this downward spiral that is putting the sneaker game on Lohan status.

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